I was browsing some more alleyways to gather more laneway photos when I came across these shoes suspended on a bridging power line. The picture looks like it would be taken in the middle of ghetto housing projects somewhere but in reality it was in the middle of the central business district of Melbourne. I do wonder what the story is behind this one…



The street section of the RMIT basketball courts in Melbourne is one of the coolest places to skate filled with small smooth ledges of varying heights and an even smooth tiled surface, until of course construction began. It’s now surrounded by a cage which made for a pretty cool black and white flick of a basketball game mid-action complimented by a backdrop of modern architecture and a wall surface splattered in paint.


This photography was one I snapped in probably my favourite suburb in Melbourne- Prahran. The photo itself is largely a celebration of not only one of my favourite colours, but also architecture. As you can see in my previous posts- weathered, old style buildings make for some of my favourite photos. The symmetry in this one (however unintentional) helped complete the photo for me.


The unhinged construction beams hanging by a thread accompanied by the rusty exterior of this abandoned furniture warehouse made for a great showcase of one of my favourite colours: light blue. The beams dangling actually helped with the composition allowing for some organised chaos in this otherwise basic photo. No filter is needed to have this image give off a rustic retro vibe which I enjoy having in my photos- the weathered look of this building did this naturally.


I was walking through some of Melbourne more obscure, well- hidden laneways when I discovered this collage of artworks created by and dedicated to the cities most notorious graffiti artists. They caught me by surprise how neatly and symmetrically arranged they were making for great composition- This kind of layout for street art is quite out of character considering how spontaneous and disorganised it usually is. ┬áThe way they are framed like mini paintings on a wall was also quite interesting. As soon as I discovered this small yet bountiful goldmine of mini artworks by different contributors I couldn’t help but admire it.