Theres just something about roses in the night time which make for such an appealing aesthetic. The chipped white weather board fence also did well to balance out the colours in this photo. Overall I found it fascinating how something as simple as a run- down fence and a plant could make for such a great photo. Had this been taken in the daytime, I doubt it would have worked as effectively.



Even during the daytime, Chinatown Melbourne is quite the attraction. My eyes were drawn toward the overhead lanterns which, day or night, are always so amazing to look at. Chinatown always seems to be bustling and busy which is why I think its quite an accurate emulation of China itself. The asian style banners which glow neon in the night time, further authenticate the experience

“Vintage Muscle”

I must have a thing for photos of old vehicles because this one is one of my personal favourites. I got strong 1950’s vibes from this car when as soon as I caught glimpse of the sun glaring off the burgundy bonnet. the colour contrast within this photo was amazing and is one of the main reasons I thought it would be such a great addition. Hopefully one day I have the privilege of owning a car like this.

“The Brand with the 3 stripes”

My latest retro clothing purchase was a pair of vintage adidas tracksuit pants. They caught my attention during my retro shopping spree, particularly because I’m a huge fan of the colour red because aesthetically it makes for a great because it makes for a fantastic complimentary accent. They paired very nicely with my Reebok classics and the ¬†scattered rose petals topped it all off in a photo worthy moment of colour coordination.

“Basement Vintage”

A nice niche vintage clothing store I found tucked away down a large set of stairs. Even though it was hidden, I couldn’t miss the explosion of psychedelic colours and ‘beatnik’ clothing which was displayed on the walls. The ever so familiar smell of vintage clothing wafted through the air as well. As I entered the store to browse, I was met with a vide variety of vintage tracksuits, an assortment of stone washed Levi’s jeans and of course an assortment of grandpa sweaters and Hawaiian shirts. Overall it was a great find.


A stroll down Melbourne’s famous Swanston street had me encountering a wide variety of street art and niche clothing stalls. Perhaps the most eye catching was this fully customised, spray-painted collection of vinyls featuring tribute art for all kinds of pop culture references- everything from Mickey mouse to a personal favourite of mine- pulp fiction, made the cut.