My name is Adil Jehan Yoosuf, I am 18 years old and currently studying an advanced diploma of professional writing and editing at RMIT university Melbourne. I have recently finished secondary education this past year at Parade College, Bundoora where I completed my Victorian certificate of education. My professional interests reside within the area of media and communications, more specifically in the field of producing web content for companies such as blogs. In order to pursue this field of communications I aim to undertake freelancing within the next 3-5 years alongside my regular study and alongside potential internships as well. My primary field of specialisation is as mentioned earlier, in producing written web content for websites and blogs however I aim to expand my skills and area of expertise by undertaking freelance photography projects in the future with my ultimate objective being to create my own personalised photography blog documenting urban culture such as food, fashion and even my personal interests such as skateboarding. My target audience would consist of youth who are interested in similar projects and have similar goals within the communications industry. In order to eventually get to this point in my prospective freelancing career, I aim to undertake freelance projects with industry professionals to truly get a feel of where the area of media marketing and communication is heading. I plan to build on my reputation by doing unpaid internships in between my diploma and degree to make the contacts I need to begin my professional career.

I look forward to networking and building with people who share similar goals and personal interests to me. I hope to make a career out of creating eye catching web content for clients. This also includes photography services and banners for websites tailored for youthful audiences. I also aim to begin writing effective content for web pages for which my target audience would be youth aged 18-25 who look for services to improve upon their projects such as blogs, social media pages etc…


People x Places is a concept project which I’m working on which is essentially a photography blog where I upload photos I have taken in my day to day life which I found ¬†eye catching and interesting regarding my personal interests. in addition to content I have uploaded, I have also included images which I have found online which are relevant to my categories of interest.

The following are some categories which my content is uploaded under


Photography under this theme consists of a variety of elements such as aesthetically pleasing buildings, sculptures or even simply patterns, wedges etc… which I have found to be eye catching.


Photography under this category includes photos which feature outfits and clothing choices which I have found appealing aesthetically.


One of my primary hobbies and a category which is probably most explored through my photography.


Perhaps the most vast category among the lot, the art category covers an array of different forms of art such as colourful graffiti and other mediums of art such as sculptures hand drawn work etc…