I thought the sepia filter and this retro 50’s car would compliment each other nicely in this photo. The photo has a nostalgic feel to it which is why I always love photographing old cars.



This photo was one of my favourites because of the architectural contrast and colour contrast. The old building style of the church as well as the crosses amidst the shadows helped balance out the image. The angle at which I took the image also helped accentuate the churches presence in the photo. Churches always make for great photography and this one contrasted against the city skyline was no different.


I dont exactly know what it is about this photo which prompted me to take it- it must have been the way the cigarette butts looked so out of place amidst the gravel. Either way this close-up makes for a different upload than usual.


Or perhaps not so much? This photo of Flinders street station which is currently under construction was one of my favourites because of its simplicity and composition. The way all the construction framework lines up perfectly makes it all the more satisfying to look at.


A 24/7 gym once again showcasing some rustic old Melbourne architecture. With the black and white filter its hard to distinguish this from a photo of Melbourne in the 50s- a testament to how its architecture has stood the test of time. The passerby also helped balance out the elements in this photo.